Sapphire (Rescued from Pari Mutuel Racing At Ocala)

1/30/1995 - 1/3/2009 after losing Ginger

Sapphire, Weiner of the Racetracks! 
You made us rich too. You made us bettor.
We got a large white crate 
And a large purple booklet:
"Greyhound Owner's Manual", all for $67
You befriended Ginny and bit my backside.
I tried to win you over but got my own pup.
A circus is what that came to be. Antics and Laughter.
Each morning and each evening a parade thru the house.
Eventually you trusted me and also put out.
That hot little tongue on my hand felt great.
I'll see you in the clouds near heaven's gate.

This "video" was a series of still pictures taken with a Logitech QuickCam Express.
Flipping thru them at the right speed is hilarious.  

winplaceshow greyhound scared of thunderstorm

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