Topaz - A Golden Retriever I bought to equalize conditions w the Greyhound

7/3/1998 - 3/11/2010

What can I say about the little dog
who loved to smile? 
He was my special bud when the wife's dog Sapphire
growled and bit me right on the butt!
About the size of a football when I got him,
he grew very quickly and got respect from
the greyhound bitch, Sapphire!!

He was named "Precious" by his breeder but wifey
wanted to have a matched set of "gems", so Topaz
became the dog's name which then morphed into Topie,
Also the Topemeister, Topester!

He, with Sapphire, formed a divine comedy team, a circus
to get us through some very difficult family issues.
They did their job admirably and went on to dog heaven.
Fo' shizzle!! 

This "video" was a series of still pictures taken with a Logitech QuickCam Express.
Flipping thru them at the right speed is hilarious.