Christopher J. Clement, CDP, MSCS

Seeking homebound/hc accessible computer-based work. Database design, technical documents/training/proofreading. Scientific programming. Web maint, database migrations Access, SQL Server, MSDE, Oracle9i, Oracle10g, MySQL, DB2. Reduced rate 1099 only w taxID

2013-present (as a retiree) - Volunteer

Community service, web development and support, rental property management (my own), timebank participation, ongoing support for past clients (no charge), always learning new computer skills. Covid-related: ventilator design, food distribution database, simple vaccine appointment app

2009-2013 - Independent Projects

Web-enabling controls with Rabbit 3720 microprocessor. Dynamic C, Socket code, Arduino texting word wand, Arduino MIDI controllers, MIDI player piano, Sweep Pinellas database, travel app, private one-to-one instruction and customized empowerment with "never lose anything again on a computer" theme. Make Windows 8 look like 7 for users. Java-based online card games, install/setup Couponic (Groupon) for Gulfport restaurants. Raspberry Pi

2005-2008 - Independent Projects

Standardize mailing label procedures to use existing stock with COTS MySpace Greenapples game VB6-to-VB.net2.0/Vista serial connectivity issues preserved and converted. VB6-to-VB.net2.0/printing/printer/report pagination issues resolved/converted. VB6-to-VB.net2.0 refactoring/reengineering/triage. ASP.NET inline and code behind dev for web-based registration. Develop bullet-proof migration to Oracle 10g and solve connectivity issues that their Hyderabad tech couldn't by copying 3 .dll files! - Schiller - 2006 IT services/personnel provider for Pinellas County Commission (Bid 056-0763-B(RM) Ad hoc staffing). - File Conversions and .NET conversion to SOA/Oracle 10g - Schiller - File Conversions and .NET conversion from Access 2000 to MySQL - Schiller Faculty records system and web-enabled instructor grades input - msdb.(Schiller Int.Univ) - File conversions for Integra Business Systems. - Built student records system for SIU. Conversions were built in for quick cutover to new system. One-click transcripts!

2001-2005 - Independent Projects

Added Sarbanes-Oxley controls to back-office software (J Walter Corp). Developed web-based testing and grading tools for SIU. Developed public transit trip planner (PSTA Bus Wizard, Java 2, Cold Fusion). Developed specialized ADO database for private collector. Ported electrical power stats program to Linux gnuC++. Set up development environment with Red Hat Linux 7.1. Utilized offshore resources for project development. Developed web-parser for tax lien research. Instructed at Schiller International University in undergraduate Computer Science program (VB6.0, VC++6.0, VB.Net,, Analysis, OOP, OOD, openGL flight simulator, iMac O/S9). Document Imaging Support (ISIS, pixtran, Docubase, Integra, J Walter Corp). Wrote Javascript calculator for job cost estimates. Designed video driver (RS-170 inverse high contrast) for Miracle Vision. Instructed at St. Petersburg College in undergraduate Computer Science program (VB6.0, Bus Apps, Operating Systems, Systems Analysis, UML, Data Communications and Networking). Set up Apache server and CGI scripts to parse Pinellas County property tax records. Research IEEE 802.11 standards. Java (JDK1.2.2) project to adapt Dallas Semiconductor "TINI" to provide internet access to plant equipment.

2001-2013 - Volunteer

My sudoku solver (for fun) Web site upgrades and maintenance for Bob Graviss 813 310 3050 - Bay Pines Hospital (Veterans Administration) - Made recommendations regarding the training materials, and approach, which had been overly pedantic. Applied teaching experience to make instructions and examples understandable to staff (Smith Jenkins, Jr, Congressman Bill Nelson). Completed 3-phase power simulator for Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program (SATOP) using DSP software.

8/00-1/01 - Verizon (Compuware Corp.-agent)

Sr. Consultant - Application development and support in 3-tier (intranet, AIX, MVS) web-enabled environment for Local Number Portability. Routed web queries to CICS (on AIX) and on to access DB2 (on MVS). Developed CGI components for remote Oracle queries. Performed high-level design to improve response time and reliability in future code releases. Provided direction to junior staff members. Created solutions based on requirements, goals, and objectives of clients. Mechanized some configuration management tasks to speed code shipments. Improved controls of 11 remote environments with graphic statistics. (DB2, SQLserver, SQL, ASP, XML, DHTML, ODBC, DCOM, Xpediter, Endevor, REXX, stored procedures, MQ series, QMF, SPUFI, C/C++, J2EE, SAS, Excel, RUP (Rational Unified Process), WebLogic, Sybase Supv Scott Werner (813) 979 5422

11/99-7/00 - Jim Walter Homes, Inc. (New Boston Systems)

Sr. Y2K Consultant - Y2K remediation (D&B Millenium, GEAC, Gener/OL, CICS. Reengineered legacy code to eliminate "hot spots". Architect for data-mining operation to develop web-based queries and foundation for e-commerce. Rescued ailing mortgage system by fixing payoff discrepancies. Performed extensive research on mortgage payoff algorithms (rule of 78), laws (US Rule), etc. to ensure accurate mortgage processing. Reduced 51 convoluted procedures to 11 clear and well-understood processes in job costing interface. Coordinated efforts with user groups and development team. (CMS/CMF, 4GL, COM, Citrix, VB6.0, VC++, DHTML, SAP, Linux, Oracle, Apache web server) Supv Al Muniz (813) 871 4367

3/99-10/99 - Ozona Systems (my own Y2K consultancy)

Microprocessor (PIC) remittance controller s/w. Installed and taught QuickBooks accounting package. IT services/personnel provider for Pinellas County School Board (Bid #99-920-131 Y2K Team). Troubleshot SCSI interfaces. Ported PC VBASIC s/w to Linux gnu C. e-commerce, Access, Foxpro, and Oracle Y2K support. Wrote small payroll app in VB6.0 for Y2K project. Network support, conference video distr, PBX support. Y2K Compliance Certification. Set up computer-controlled (SMPTE/MIDI) animated display. Solved Windows IRQ multiple com port problem with microprocessor s/w.

8/98-2/99 - GTE Data Services (Artisan)

Sr. P/A Consultant - Streamlined and supported telecom billing software running in Portugal. Participated in development of new release of same. (MVS ,CICS, DB2, SQL, DFsort, Assembler, HTML, Javascript, ISO9000, SEI/CMM, MS Project, Lotus Notes) Supv Bob Shaw (813) 987 8999

1/98-7/98 - Data Processing Services (1099)

Sr. P/A Consultant - Estimated, planned and led Y2K conversion effort. Analyzed and resolved complex (and occasionally conflicting) business and technical objectives. Installed LBM Systems Job Q and FormFont. (SCO unix, shell scripts, perl, sed, awk, SQL Server) Supv Eric Howe (727) 532 9481

Early Experience

1/97-12/97 - Equifax (HAS)

Technical Support Consultant - Improved and upgraded FTP links with Connect:Direct Network Data Mover (NDM) and Supertracs. Reengineered BAL, COBOL and JCL examples. Installed Viasoft Y2K software, IBM EZSOCKET TCP/IP started task for intranet. Developed secure web site interface with public key encryption. Capacity planning. Supv Bob Graham (727) 556 9000

6/94-12/96 - Micrometer Corp. (DOE Technology Transfer (TTR) grant at Lockheed-Martin)

Project Leader - Direct development of DOS, Windows and uPC codes for a computer-network-based energy management system. Created original web site ( Supervised various energy management installations and studies using system. (Visual Basic, C/C++, MS Prof Basic, Power C, P-Basic, HTML, least-square curve fitting) Supv Vince LaPaglia (727) 545 6370

4/90-4/94 - GTE Data Services (AMD)

P/A consultant - Developed and supported large batch DB2 system for uncollectible writeoffs. Added remote CICS online query of checkpoints. Set up multiple FTP links between Honeywell MARK and IBM Mainframe. Developed remote CICS inquiry system on multiple linked mainframes. Used CICS function shipping and background tasks. Synchronized long distance carrier assignments in accordance with BAS/CARE. (Cobol II, DB2, PacBase, Fortran, C, SAS, REXX, MVSXA, CICS, BAL, PL/1, SAS, DYL280) Supv Kent Russ (813) 978 4000

3/73-3/90 - Florida Power Corporation, St. Petersburg, FL

Entry level P/A and worked up to Manager. Engineering R&D, analysis and curvefitting applications, least squares, ANOVA, F-test, Learned and used formal techniques for risk management and project scheduling. Often communicated technical information to non-technical users. Architecture of Power Plant Performance, Equipment Performance and Reliability Planning databases. Pioneered networking technologies in power plant facilities and assisted in setting corporate strategy for Ethernet and Token-Ring LAN's. Performed research on new technologies and mentored project teams during adoption of selected technologies. Participated in project design and review specifications produced by project development teams from the architecture perspective to ensure understanding and conformity to standards and overall corporate vision. Defined and documented architecture and programming standards and best practices based on Djikstra and Yourdon (structured, modular programming). (IBM MVS XA, CICS, COBOL, DB2, PL/1, Fortran, SAS, SAS/ETS, ASSEMBLER, DYL260/280, TSO, PC/MS DOS, WINDOWS, Novell, DEC VAX VMS, Fortran, C, PrimOS, BSD unix, System V) Supv Dave Buell (727) 866 5151


Three years in US Army as E-4 Computer Specialist.
One year at St. Petersburg Times as Computer Operator.
One year at IBM as Field Engineer Trainee.

Education and Professional Affiliations

Visual Basic .NET Level 1 - St. Petersburg College - Corporate training - 9/21/2005

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) candidate - Schiller International University
Master of Science Computer Science - Univ. of S. Florida
Bachelor of Science Mathematics - Univ. of Alabama in Huntsville
Passed ICCP CDP exam (Certified Data Processor)
NASPA (since 1990 Nat. Assn. of Sys. Prog., MVSXA internals course)
Amateur Radio Extra License (on request) - There is no better connectivity credential!
The International Solar Energy Society
IEEE Computer Society
Why me? (Power Point)