Chris' Compound in Brooksville - Party and Campout - Please RSVP

2013 Meteor Showers and Viewing Tips

**Open for camping and overnight party

At its best, under dark skies, you might see a score or so “shooting stars” per hour. The Moon sets by late evening.

Name 		Date of Peak 		Moon
Quadrantids 	Night of January 2 	Sets shortly before dawn
Lyrids 		Night of April 21 	In view most of the night
Eta Aquarids 	Nights of May 4/5 	Early morning crescent
**Perseids 	Nights of August 11/12 	Sets after midnight
Orionids 	Night of October 21 	In view most of the night
**Leonids 	Night of November 16 	Full
Geminids 	Nights of Dec 12/13 	In view most of the night
NOTES These are approximate times for the Lower 48 states; actual shower times can vary. Bright moonlight makes it difficult to see all but the brightest meteors.


** I will have food and drynk of the kind I would ordinarily consume. Bring what you want or nothing at all.

In addition to the usual weird science stuff, remind me to do the hydrogen fuel cell demo!


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This place is good for an overnight barbeque/party. It is rustic and visitors should be prepared to camp out. The well water is clean but has not been tested for potability. There are plumbed toilets and hot (outdoor) showers. There are refrigerator/freezers available. There are big outdoor speakers with all kinds of records and tapes. We have a piano and other instruments. There is an outdoor fireplace and plenty of logs to burn. DesChamps is closed. Shoppes of Sugarmill Woods with Publix Store #01193 (352) 382-1149 is 6 miles west at US19 and 98. Please watch out for fire ants when choosing a campsite.

Mid November is best to view Leonid meteor shower. August is best for Perseids. Eight miles west is Chasshowitzka that has canoe rentals and a karaoke bar if things are too quiet in camp. My students are welcome. Kids and pets are welcome.

There is room in several unheated trailers for anyone wishing to spend the night but not wanting to rough it in a tent or car. Get a heating pad at a drugstore for about $20 and plug it into the nearest outlet. It will keep you quite warm with its 30 watts against your body. Also, we always have a good hot fire going.

Better Directions:

Coming from US19 or Suncoast Parkway Exit 55 - US98 southbound is a divided highway and you are headed towards Brooksville going southeast. About a mile (1.6 km) past the Suncoast Parkway Exit 55, US 98 narrows to a 2-lane highway. This is where you turn right on to Landville Road.

Coming from Brooksville, US 41, US 50 - US98 northbound is a 2-lane highway with business and bypass routing through Brooksville. You are headed towards Chassahowitzka or Homosassa or the Suncoast Parkway going northwest. About a mile (1.6 km) before the Suncoast Parkway Exit 55, US 98 widens to a divided highway. This is where you turn left on to Landville Road.

From Landville Road:- This road leads to the Northwest Hernando Facility. Look to the left and see my property with the 3 crosses and some crazy neon lights (if it's dark). You will need to make two left turns. About 300 meters ahead you turn left at the main gate. Go to mailboxes and turn left again and go about 300 meters back towards the woods. Turn in at the big black satellite dish.