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Essential Understanding of Your Windows PC, including Windows 8

 how is computer used?
 what is email address, is it web-based or local POP3/SMTP?
 make list of important personal data (and keep it offline)
 have original disks for restore and installs
 have backup media

Session 1st hour:
 review prep
 pc assessment, installed sw, files
 power tool examples
 file searching, everything is a file or folder
 file creating, renaming, deleting, overwriting, format
 file types ascii (text), image, other
 making and testing backups, always more than one
 your stuff is irreplaceable
  pictures, dated folders
  old pc is best b/u
 separate data drive

 desktop shortcuts, clutter folders
 desktop notepad, cutpaste, and edit, never lose typing
 desktop image capture and save with paint
 password reminders 

Session 2nd hour:
 task manager, normal activity
 security industry, spyware
 downloads, where did it go
 open office vs MS office

 loss of power, forced shutdown, UPS
 loss of control, attack, network connection

 browsers and Web
 URL, pruning
 links, be careful what you click
 history, cookies, cache
 FF plug ins, try IE 1st
 freeware, advertising is only way they make money
 identity protection by flummox
 keep separate logins 
 search, duck

5 block computer model